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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Gir-coords (mothballed) For communication between co-ordinators in Worldwide Theater Games
Gir-st A list for gir-sts. Not actively used at present.
Gir-uk-announce List for Announcements for Shadows of Albion
Gir-uk-general Discussion list for Shadows of Albion
Mes-education Open List: Education Documents for Officers
Mes-standards Open List: Standards tests
Mes-standards-conventions Open list: Convention and other live presentation education
Mes-standards-coorddocs Closed List: Coord Education Documents
Mes-standards-grading Closed List: Standards Grading
Mes-standards-stdocs Closed List: ST Education Documents
Online-games-announce Announcement-only list for all online/virtual games
Tech-advisory-portal Closed list for the member portal advisory panel
Tech-general Technology discussion
Tech-goals [no description available]
Tech-IRC Open list for discussion of IRC
Tech-Staff Closed list for Tech staff
Tech-staff-administration [no description available]
Tech-staff-homepage Staff list for homepage developers
Tech-staff-irc Staff list for IRC
Tech-staff-irc-reports Reports list for IRC ops
Tech-staff-listmods Staff list for list moderators
Tech-staff-listmods-reports Reports list for list moderators; use for monthly reports and violation warnings
Tech-staff-portal Staff list for the member portal
Tech-staff-servers Staff list for server admins
Tech-staff-sheets [no description available]
Tech-staff-support [no description available]
Tech-Staff-Wiki MES Wiki Staff
Us-announce Announcements for the MES US
Us-charities Email list for Charity Coordinators in the US
Us-communities-cos A closed list for Community Organizers.
Us-coords US Coordinators
Us-ec-c-virtual The mailing list for the US-EC-VIR-D domain.
Us-ec-coords [no description available]
Us-ec-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-ec-d-dark-aria [no description available]
Us-ec-d-Delmarva OOC Email List for DE-001, Delmarva Domain
Us-ec-d-eerie-shores [no description available]
Us-ec-d-ffa OH-019-D domain list
Us-ec-d-hamptonroads [no description available]
Us-ec-d-nrv [no description available]
Us-ec-d-shadows-veil [no description available]
Us-ec-elections [no description available]
Us-ec-general [no description available]
Us-ec-st [no description available]
Us-ec-st-reports [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-general US General
Us-gl-announce GL Announce List
Us-gl-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-gl-coords [no description available]
Us-gl-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-gl-d-ankeney [no description available]
Us-gl-d-bloomington-in Local list for the domain of Bloomington, Indiana
Us-gl-d-caines-karnival MO-017-D Domain Announcements
Us-gl-d-de-soto Domain list for De Soto, MO-021-D
Us-gl-d-des-moines [no description available]
Us-gl-d-detroit Local list for the Detroit Domain
Us-gl-d-ets ETS Domain mailing list
Us-gl-d-gaslight-memories MO-028-D - Gaslight Memories
Us-gl-d-grand-designs Domain email list for Grand Rapids, MI, MI-017-D
Us-gl-d-kenosha Anima Nell'Aqua Master OOC List
Us-gl-d-midnight-crossroads [no description available]
Us-gl-d-mt-pleasant-by-night OOC List for MI-015-D Mt Pleasant by Night
Us-gl-d-port-huron [no description available]
Us-gl-d-terre-haute A list for the Terre Haute Domain, IN-012-D
Us-gl-elections [no description available]
Us-gl-general [no description available]
Us-gl-i-battle-creek Mailing list for independent chapter, Battle Creek
US-GL-I-Quad-Cities Quad Cities Iowa
Us-gl-st A discussion list for all GL ST's
Us-gl-st-reports Email list for all ST reports
Us-gl-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-gl-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-gl-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nc-announce NC Announce List
Us-nc-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-nc-coords-reports For DC and CC of the NC Region only.
Us-nc-d-col-springs OOC List for Colorado Springs
Us-nc-d-denver Denver, CO OOC list
US-NC-D-Kansas-City OOC List for the Dark Heartland Domain of Kansas City
Us-nc-d-pueblo Pueblo Co Domain
Us-nc-d-wheat-wolves Domain list for KS011-D
Us-nc-elections [no description available]
Us-nc-general [no description available]
Us-nc-st List for North Central Region Storytellers
Us-nc-st-reports An archival/informational list retaining Reports data for the ST chain of the North Central Region
Us-nc-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-ne-announce NE Announce List
Us-ne-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-ne-coords [no description available]
Us-ne-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-ne-d-bangor List for Bangor Maine
Us-ne-d-boston List for MA003D
Us-ne-d-pending-doom List for ME008D
Us-ne-d-rochester General list for members of NY-006-D
Us-ne-elections This list is not in use. Email
Us-ne-general General OOC list for the MES US North East Region
Us-ne-st [no description available]
Us-ne-staff-rc The NE RC's staff list, including DCs
Us-ne-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nw-c-virtual North West Virtual Chapter
Us-nw-coords [no description available]
Us-nw-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-nw-d-eugene Domain list for Eugene, OR
Us-nw-d-everett This is a List for members of the Domain of Everett, for general OOC Discussions
Us-nw-d-olympia IC and OOC list for the Domain of Olympia (Carthago Nova - WA-075-D)
Us-nw-d-portland Domain List for Portland, OR
Us-nw-d-salem House of Redemption (Salem, OR) email list.
Us-nw-d-seattle Domain List for Seattle, WA
Us-nw-d-tacoma Domain List for Tacoma, WA
Us-nw-d-tri-cities OOC list for Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco WA
Us-nw-d-vancouver [no description available]
Us-nw-general NW Regional General Discussion
Us-nw-st-reports [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-rst [no description available]
US-NWoD-Rules MES NWoD Rules
US-OWoD-Rules [no description available]
Us-regional-newsletters Regional Newsletter Writers List
Us-sc-announce SC Announce List
Us-sc-c-virtual Mailing List for the SC Virtual Chapter
Us-sc-coords Discussion List for the Coordinators of the South Central Region
Us-sc-coords-reports Reporting list for all coordinators in the SC Region
Us-sc-d-austin TX-065-D Austin, TX Domain List
Us-sc-d-axisofawesome AR012D Local OOC List - Secondary
Us-sc-d-axisofawesome-staff AR012D Local Staff (Coord & ST) List
Us-sc-d-bcs Domain of the Midnight Yell
Us-sc-d-bloodfireandfidelity General List for LA-003-D
Us-sc-d-contraband-covenants [no description available]
Us-sc-d-desert-moon Desert Moon Mailing List
Us-sc-d-hilarity-ensues [no description available]
Us-sc-d-houston [no description available]
Us-sc-d-ivory-tower The OOC mailing list for the OK-011-D domain in Stillwater, OK
Us-sc-d-lone-star-nights [no description available]
Us-sc-d-lost-haven [no description available]
Us-sc-d-native-nights OK-008-D Native Nights OOC List
Us-sc-d-nolastcall [no description available]
Us-sc-d-okc-eternal-midnight OKC Domain list
Us-sc-d-silentredemption Domain list for TX-064-D Silent Redemption Beaumont, TX
Us-sc-d-westward-haven [no description available]
Us-sc-d-wild-expanse [no description available]
Us-sc-elections DC Elections
Us-sc-general General Out of Character List for the members of the South Central Region
Us-sc-st South Central Region Storyteller list
Us-sc-st-reports South Central Region Storyteller Report list
Us-sc-staff-rc Mailing List for the SC Regional Coordinator Staff
Us-sc-staff-rsplat Mailing List for the SC Joint RC & RST Staff
Us-sc-staff-rst South Central RST Staff list
Us-se-announce SE Announce List
Us-se-c-virtual Regional Virtual Chapter for SE Region
Us-se-coords SE Coordinator List
Us-se-coords-reports SE Coordinator Reports List
Us-se-d-atlanta Domain of Atlanta, GA
Us-se-d-bigfire [no description available]
Us-se-d-brevard Domain List for FL005D Brevard County
Us-se-d-fl-042 [no description available]
Us-se-d-greenville SC-011-D Dreams of Blood Greenville, SC
Us-se-d-lee-county Domain list for FL-046-D Black Sheep, Lee County, FL.
Us-se-d-magic-city [no description available]
US-SE-D-Miami [no description available]
Us-se-d-orlando Domain list for FL-035-D Dark Embrace, Orlando FL
Us-se-d-sangre-del-sol Domain list for FL-032-D Sangre del Sol, Broward FL
Us-se-d-sanguines-shores FL-049-D Sanguines Shores
Us-se-d-silversprings [no description available]
Us-se-d-swn [no description available]
Us-se-d-tampa-bay [no description available]
Us-se-general This is the General OOC list for the SE Region
Us-se-st [no description available]
Us-se-st-reports [no description available]
Us-society-christians [no description available]
Us-society-linguists [no description available]
Us-society-pagans [no description available]
Us-society-parents [no description available]
US-ST MES Storytellers
Us-staff-arbitration [no description available]
Us-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-staff-nsplat [no description available]
Us-staff-rcoord [no description available]
Us-staff-reports US Staff Reports
Us-staff-rsplat [no description available]
US-Staff-Sabbat Closed list for MES Sabbat staff
Us-staff-usnc [no description available]
Us-sw-announce SW Announce List
Us-sw-c-sacramento-collectiveworks [no description available]
Us-sw-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-sw-coords [no description available]
Us-sw-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-sw-d-black-magic-kingdom [no description available]
Us-sw-d-las-vegas OOC list for Ancient Gamble NV-008
Us-sw-d-myst for members of the Domain of Myst - San Francisco, CA Bay Area
Us-sw-d-riverside [no description available]
Us-sw-d-salt-lake-city List for Salt Lake Domain UT-014-D
Us-sw-d-san-diego A list for the members of CA-057-D
Us-sw-d-slc [no description available]
Us-sw-d-songs-of-the-sand This list is for communication with "Songs of the Sand" (NV-004-D) in Reno, Nevada.
Us-sw-d-strange-bedfellows [no description available]
Us-sw-d-twilight-chronicles [no description available]
Us-sw-general [no description available]
Us-sw-st [no description available]
Us-sw-st-reports [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-virtual-general Out of Character General Discussion List for the US National Virtual Game.
Us-virtual-st Closed List for the US National Virtual Game Storyteller Staff.
Wtg-announce Announcements for Worldwide Theater Games
Wtg-general Discussion list for members of WTG, one of the Charter Member Clubs

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