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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Gir-coords (mothballed) For communication between co-ordinators in Worldwide Theater Games
Gir-st A list for gir-sts. Not actively used at present.
Gir-uk-announce List for Announcements for Shadows of Albion
Gir-uk-general Discussion list for Shadows of Albion
Mes-education Open List: Education Documents for Officers
Mes-standards Open List: Standards tests
Mes-standards-conventions Open list: Convention and other live presentation education
Mes-standards-coorddocs Closed List: Coord Education Documents
Mes-standards-grading Closed List: Standards Grading
Mes-standards-stdocs Closed List: ST Education Documents
Online-games-announce Announcement-only list for all online/virtual games
Tech-advisory-portal Closed list for the member portal advisory panel
Tech-general Technology discussion
Tech-goals [no description available]
Tech-IRC Open list for discussion of IRC
Tech-Staff Closed list for Tech staff
Tech-staff-administration [no description available]
Tech-staff-homepage Staff list for homepage developers
Tech-staff-irc Staff list for IRC
Tech-staff-irc-reports Reports list for IRC ops
Tech-staff-listmods Staff list for list moderators
Tech-staff-listmods-reports Reports list for list moderators; use for monthly reports and violation warnings
Tech-staff-portal Staff list for the member portal
Tech-staff-servers Staff list for server admins
Tech-staff-sheets [no description available]
Tech-staff-support [no description available]
Tech-Staff-Wiki MES Wiki Staff
Us-announce Announcements for the MES US
Us-charities Email list for Charity Coordinators in the US
Us-communities-cos A closed list for Community Organizers.
Us-coords US Coordinators
Us-ec-c-virtual The mailing list for the US-EC-VIR-D domain.
Us-ec-coords [no description available]
Us-ec-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-ec-d-dark-aria [no description available]
Us-ec-d-Delmarva OOC Email List for DE-001, Delmarva Domain
Us-ec-d-eerie-shores [no description available]
Us-ec-d-ffa OH-019-D domain list
Us-ec-d-hamptonroads [no description available]
Us-ec-d-nrv [no description available]
Us-ec-d-shadows-veil [no description available]
Us-ec-elections [no description available]
Us-ec-general [no description available]
Us-ec-st [no description available]
Us-ec-st-reports [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-ec-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-general US General
Us-gl-announce GL Announce List
Us-gl-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-gl-coords [no description available]
Us-gl-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-gl-d-ankeney [no description available]
Us-gl-d-bloomington-in Local list for the domain of Bloomington, Indiana
Us-gl-d-caines-karnival MO-017-D Domain Announcements
Us-gl-d-de-soto Domain list for De Soto, MO-021-D
Us-gl-d-des-moines [no description available]
Us-gl-d-detroit Local list for the Detroit Domain
Us-gl-d-ets ETS Domain mailing list
Us-gl-d-gaslight-memories MO-028-D - Gaslight Memories
Us-gl-d-grand-designs Domain email list for Grand Rapids, MI, MI-017-D
Us-gl-d-kenosha Anima Nell'Aqua Master OOC List
Us-gl-d-midnight-crossroads [no description available]
Us-gl-d-mt-pleasant-by-night OOC List for MI-015-D Mt Pleasant by Night
Us-gl-d-port-huron [no description available]
Us-gl-d-terre-haute A list for the Terre Haute Domain, IN-012-D
Us-gl-elections [no description available]
Us-gl-general [no description available]
Us-gl-i-battle-creek Mailing list for independent chapter, Battle Creek
us-gl-i-quad-cities Quad Cities Iowa
Us-gl-st A discussion list for all GL ST's
Us-gl-st-reports Email list for all ST reports
Us-gl-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-gl-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-gl-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nc-announce NC Announce List
Us-nc-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-nc-coords-reports For DC and CC of the NC Region only.
Us-nc-d-col-springs OOC List for Colorado Springs
Us-nc-d-denver Denver, CO OOC list
US-NC-D-Kansas-City OOC List for the Dark Heartland Domain of Kansas City
Us-nc-d-pueblo Pueblo Co Domain
Us-nc-d-wheat-wolves Domain list for KS011-D
Us-nc-elections [no description available]
Us-nc-general [no description available]
Us-nc-st List for North Central Region Storytellers
Us-nc-st-reports An archival/informational list retaining Reports data for the ST chain of the North Central Region
Us-nc-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nc-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-ne-announce NE Announce List
Us-ne-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-ne-coords [no description available]
Us-ne-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-ne-d-bangor List for Bangor Maine
Us-ne-d-boston List for MA003D
Us-ne-d-pending-doom List for ME008D
Us-ne-d-rochester General list for members of NY-006-D
Us-ne-elections This list is not in use. Email
Us-ne-general General OOC list for the MES US North East Region
Us-ne-st [no description available]
Us-ne-staff-rc The NE RC's staff list, including DCs
Us-ne-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-nw-c-virtual North West Virtual Chapter
Us-nw-coords [no description available]
Us-nw-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-nw-d-eugene Domain list for Eugene, OR
Us-nw-d-everett This is a List for members of the Domain of Everett, for general OOC Discussions
Us-nw-d-olympia IC and OOC list for the Domain of Olympia (Carthago Nova - WA-075-D)
Us-nw-d-portland Domain List for Portland, OR
Us-nw-d-salem House of Redemption (Salem, OR) email list.
Us-nw-d-seattle Domain List for Seattle, WA
Us-nw-d-tacoma Domain List for Tacoma, WA
Us-nw-d-tri-cities OOC list for Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco WA
Us-nw-d-vancouver [no description available]
Us-nw-general NW Regional General Discussion
Us-nw-st-reports [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-nw-staff-rst [no description available]
US-NWoD-Rules MES NWoD Rules
US-OWoD-Rules [no description available]
Us-regional-newsletters Regional Newsletter Writers List
Us-sc-announce SC Announce List
Us-sc-c-virtual Mailing List for the SC Virtual Chapter
Us-sc-coords Discussion List for the Coordinators of the South Central Region
Us-sc-coords-reports Reporting list for all coordinators in the SC Region
Us-sc-d-austin TX-065-D Austin, TX Domain List
Us-sc-d-axisofawesome AR012D Local OOC List - Secondary
Us-sc-d-axisofawesome-staff AR012D Local Staff (Coord & ST) List
Us-sc-d-bcs Domain of the Midnight Yell
Us-sc-d-bloodfireandfidelity General List for LA-003-D
Us-sc-d-contraband-covenants [no description available]
Us-sc-d-desert-moon Desert Moon Mailing List
Us-sc-d-hilarity-ensues [no description available]
Us-sc-d-houston [no description available]
Us-sc-d-ivory-tower The OOC mailing list for the OK-011-D domain in Stillwater, OK
Us-sc-d-lone-star-nights [no description available]
Us-sc-d-lost-haven [no description available]
Us-sc-d-native-nights OK-008-D Native Nights OOC List
Us-sc-d-nolastcall [no description available]
Us-sc-d-okc-eternal-midnight OKC Domain list
Us-sc-d-silentredemption Domain list for TX-064-D Silent Redemption Beaumont, TX
Us-sc-d-westward-haven [no description available]
Us-sc-d-wild-expanse [no description available]
Us-sc-elections DC Elections
Us-sc-general General Out of Character List for the members of the South Central Region
Us-sc-st South Central Region Storyteller list
Us-sc-st-reports South Central Region Storyteller Report list
Us-sc-staff-rc Mailing List for the SC Regional Coordinator Staff
Us-sc-staff-rsplat Mailing List for the SC Joint RC & RST Staff
Us-sc-staff-rst South Central RST Staff list
Us-se-announce SE Announce List
Us-se-c-virtual Regional Virtual Chapter for SE Region
Us-se-coords SE Coordinator List
Us-se-coords-reports SE Coordinator Reports List
Us-se-d-atlanta Domain of Atlanta, GA
Us-se-d-bigfire [no description available]
Us-se-d-brevard Domain List for FL005D Brevard County
Us-se-d-fl-042 [no description available]
Us-se-d-greenville SC-011-D Dreams of Blood Greenville, SC
Us-se-d-lee-county Domain list for FL-046-D Black Sheep, Lee County, FL.
Us-se-d-magic-city [no description available]
US-SE-D-Miami [no description available]
Us-se-d-orlando Domain list for FL-035-D Dark Embrace, Orlando FL
Us-se-d-sangre-del-sol Domain list for FL-032-D Sangre del Sol, Broward FL
Us-se-d-sanguines-shores FL-049-D Sanguines Shores
Us-se-d-silversprings [no description available]
Us-se-d-swn [no description available]
Us-se-d-tampa-bay [no description available]
Us-se-general This is the General OOC list for the SE Region
Us-se-st [no description available]
Us-se-st-reports [no description available]
Us-society-christians [no description available]
Us-society-linguists [no description available]
Us-society-pagans [no description available]
Us-society-parents [no description available]
US-ST MES Storytellers
Us-staff-arbitration [no description available]
Us-staff-mcreview [no description available]
Us-staff-nsplat [no description available]
Us-staff-rcoord [no description available]
Us-staff-reports US Staff Reports
Us-staff-rsplat [no description available]
US-Staff-Sabbat Closed list for MES Sabbat staff
Us-staff-usnc [no description available]
Us-sw-announce SW Announce List
Us-sw-c-sacramento-collectiveworks [no description available]
Us-sw-c-virtual [no description available]
Us-sw-coords [no description available]
Us-sw-coords-reports [no description available]
Us-sw-d-black-magic-kingdom [no description available]
Us-sw-d-las-vegas OOC list for Ancient Gamble NV-008
Us-sw-d-myst for members of the Domain of Myst - San Francisco, CA Bay Area
Us-sw-d-riverside [no description available]
Us-sw-d-salt-lake-city List for Salt Lake Domain UT-014-D
Us-sw-d-san-diego A list for the members of CA-057-D
Us-sw-d-slc [no description available]
Us-sw-d-songs-of-the-sand This list is for communication with "Songs of the Sand" (NV-004-D) in Reno, Nevada.
Us-sw-d-strange-bedfellows [no description available]
Us-sw-d-twilight-chronicles [no description available]
Us-sw-general [no description available]
Us-sw-st [no description available]
Us-sw-st-reports [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rc [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rsplat [no description available]
Us-sw-staff-rst [no description available]
Us-virtual-general Out of Character General Discussion List for the US National Virtual Game.
Us-virtual-st Closed List for the US National Virtual Game Storyteller Staff.
Wtg-announce Announcements for Worldwide Theater Games
Wtg-general Discussion list for members of WTG, one of the Charter Member Clubs

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